IGNITE DAVIE is a community wide initiative to raise the educational attainment levels of Davie County students by providing college access through tuition assistance for high school graduates.


IGNITE DAVIE will spark our local economy and enhance economic mobility for future generations in Davie County. IGNITE DAVIE will open doors to educational access and success allowing all Davie students the opportunity to develop their talents and reach their potential. As a result, a well-educated and highly skilled workforce will further promote Davie County as a community of choice for families and business and industry.


  1. Improve high school graduation rates
    • Create a K-14+ college going culture
  2. Increase post-secondary educational attainment
    • Strengthen Davie County’s commitment to education
  3. Strengthen our workforce
    • Develop a highly skilled and educated workforce
    • Provide a talent pipeline to support business and industry
  4. Attract young families to Davie County
    • Increase the quality of life for our community
    • Promote Davie County as a community of choice for families
  5. Increase the tax base >
    • Elevate the standard of living of individual residents
    • Increase the economic mobility for future generations
    • Reduce the need for public assistance programs

Given the strong connection between overall academic achievement and the community’s economic vitality and quality of life, IGNITE DAVIE is an investment in Davie County’s greatest resource – our children!