• Reside in Davie County with award prorated based on continuous enrollment in a Davie County school
  • Graduate from a high school or a registered homeschool program in Davie County beginning with the Class of 2020
  • Complete the IGNITE DAVIE application, the FAFSA application, the Davidson-Davie Community College application and apply for Davie Community Foundation scholarships
  • Enroll full-time in a Davidson-Davie Community College curriculum program (certificate, diploma, or degree)
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 college GPA and successfully complete at least 2/3 of credit hours attempted each semester for continued eligibility (no minimum high school GPA required) * If a student begins classes at Davidson-Davie Community College and then drops out of school after tuition and fees are paid by IGNITE DAVIE, the student is no longer eligible for the IGNITE DAVIE program.
  • Use the award within three years of high school graduation
  • Participate in “Career Connections” through career readiness training and experiences with local business and industry each year
  • Volunteer in the community 5 hours each semester
  • Maintain updated information in the IGNITE DAVIE  Web Portal
  • Complete/ Update FAFSA information each year
  • Student must be a US Citizen or Permanent Legal Resident

IGNITE DAVIE Promise award levels are based on length of residency/school years in Davie and can be determined using the chart below.

Eligibility Exceptions

Exceptions are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please click below to submit an Eligibility Exceptions form.

*Please note: The Eligibility Exception Form is only needed if a student does NOT meet the Eligibility Requirements.

Request for summer classes

IGNITE DAVIE covers the cost of summer courses for programs that require continuous enrollment through the summer term. Please click below to submit a Request for Summer Classes form.