• Reside in Davie County with award prorated based on continuous enrollment in a Davie County school
  • Graduate from a high school or a registered homeschool program in Davie County beginning with the Class of 2020
  • Complete the IGNITE DAVIE application, the FAFSA application, the Davidson-Davie Community College application and apply for Davie Community Foundation scholarships
  • Enroll full-time in a Davidson-Davie Community College curriculum program (certificate, diploma, or degree)
  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 college GPA and successfully complete at least 2/3 of credit hours attempted each semester for continued eligibility (no minimum high school GPA required) * If a student begins classes at Davidson-Davie Community College and then drops out of school after tuition and fees are paid by IGNITE DAVIE, the student is no longer eligible for the IGNITE DAVIE program.
  • Use the award within three years of high school graduation
  • Participate in “Career Connections” through career readiness training and experiences with local business and industry each year
  • Volunteer in the community 5 hours each semester
  • Maintain updated information in the IGNITE DAVIE  Web Portal
  • Complete/ Update FAFSA information each year
  • Student must be a US Citizen or Permanent Legal Resident

IGNITE DAVIE Promise award levels are based on length of residency/school years in Davie and can be determined using the chart below.

Eligibility Exceptions

Exceptions are handled on a case-by-case basis. Please click below to submit an Eligibility Exceptions form.

*Please note: The Eligibility Exception Form is only needed if a student does NOT meet the Eligibility Requirements.

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