IGNITE DAVIE Student Highlight: David Bates

by | Oct 25, 2021

David Bates— a graduate of Davie High Class of 2021, IGNITE DAVIE student, and proud member of the Davie County community.

Many know David Bates as a hard worker, an achiever and a student who knows what he wants to do, where he wants to go and what he needs to do to get there. And at this point in time, IGNITE DAVIE is one of the resources he is using to advance his academic and professional goals. He first found out about IGNITE DAVIE as he was taking dual enrollment classes with Davidson-Davie Community College and Davie High School.

“What drew me to IGNITE DAVIE was not only the fact that it covered the tuition and gave me a book credit each semester, but also the fact that it was supported by the community and local businesses,” he said. “I think people should take more advantage of it because in this world there aren’t many tight knit communities like Davie.”

Bates’ future goals include transferring to Appalachian State University and earning a degree in athletic training. IGNITE DAVIE has allowed Bates to save money and the program has “served as a useful resource for educational opportunities.”

Bates was also awarded the Tony and Vi Golding Award in 2021 that is available to IGNITE DAVIE students who are willing to work hard and go the extra mile to build a brighter future. The $5,000 award will be applied to tuition, fees and books for two semesters through IGNITE DAVIE. All remaining funds from the award may be used to pay for the student’s food, gas or other necessary expenses each semester.

The spirit of the award is to recognize students who demonstrate the qualities of honesty, integrity and hard work; all qualities Tony and Vi’s parents instilled in them, and traits that are evidently seen in David Bates.

IGNITE DAVIE is making a difference in the lives of our students and within our community. It provides students an opportunity to go to school, achieve their academic and professional goals without accruing debt. It also gives them perspective and appreciation for a community that comes together and supports a common cause.

“The entire Davie community has been a contributing factor toward not only my success but also every other student’s success in the program and that should not, and does not, go unnoticed,” he said. “We will make sure to pass it on to future students who decide to pursue this offer.”

David Bates is one of the many students within our community who have benefited from IGNITE DAVIE but none of this would be possible without you. IGNITE DAVIE is not just for high school seniors, it’s for you. It’s for business owners, teachers, parents of elementary schoolers, grandparents, students who want to work with their hands, first-generation college students, and students who want to attend a 4-year university— in some way or another, it’s for all of us.

This article was published with the permission of the author and the original publisher, the Davie County Blog.